The Clients` Charter

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This charter sets out the rights of people living at Asher.

You have the right to:

* Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times
* Privacy and physical safety
* Not to be discriminated against on any grounds
* Exercise choice in consent to treatment, diet and all aspects of daily living
* Clear, objective, personal and general information in an easily understood and accessible form, covering all aspects of your care
* Be involved, as a full partner, in identifying and planning for your own care
* Have someone with you of your own choice, either a friend or trained advocate, during any meeting in the home
* Seek independent advocacy services
* Choose your own GP and maintain contact with other community services when they are available
* Be informed of the confidentiality policy and to know to what extent you can access your own records and how to go about this
* Have any complaint investigated thoroughly, speedily and impartially and be informed about the progress of the complaint regularly or on request
* Have information about and access to the nursing home inspectorate.

With rights go responsibilities. You have a duty to:

* Respect and treat others with courtesy at all times
* Respect other peoples' privacy
* Not discriminate on any grounds
* Respect other peoples' right to enjoy the home and to express ideas and choices which you may not necessarily agree with
* Deal with disagreements in an adult and a non-threatening way.

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