Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

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Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria

The following sets out the criteria upon which we can agree to consider or decline referrals: -

Inclusion Criteria

1. The client has a present or past history of mental health problems.

2. The client is aged 18-65 at the time of admission.

3. The client has expressed a choice to reside at Asher.

4. The client has complex and enduring needs which can only be met by the
regular skilled interventions of a qualified nurse.

5. Funding has been agreed prior to admission.

Exclusion Criteria

1. The individual is likely to require urgent medical care on a regular basis.

2. The individual exhibits persistent physical aggression, which is directed towards others.

3. The individual demonstrates active suicidal behaviour.

4. Individuals with a history of arson will require clearance from our insurers

5. An individual whose physical, psychological and social health needs can be met by a knowledgeable layperson i.e. in a Residential Care Home.

The Clients` Charter

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